Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupidity over Football Issue

Stop It,Will Ya! Think before excute it

What they are think about? want to drawback to Semi-pro?Do they anything about football nowadays like i dunno his particular name but he has position in MSN and another guy called Dr Zul suggest to drawback our professional league status to semi-pro in the reason saying that we have wasted so much and no issue more in wasting the money again by returning to semi-pro. Agreeable that our nation has doldrum since reverted to SuperLeague that wasnt so superb at all, the arrangement of the matches,players, and official management too dont have the professional attitude they should have but that wasnt a reason to execute this stupid idea. Come on guys, dont you guys realize that every plan you did just stop at the half of the progress? Dont you guys see there wasnt any corelated with talent that we churn from grassroots or didnt get any opportunity to show their talents or didnt get adequate chance to play when they have been spotted at the school level. So who was responsible for this?
I think every minister or officials that relate with FAM ,etc must resigned because they were the one who make our nation slumped to embarass state!
To me, if i have given a responsiblity to rejuvenate our nationa's football image, this what shall i do:
1) accommodate the good players spotted in early phase(school) in one place and being coached with certified coach(at least B class certified)

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