Thursday, July 05, 2007

what i want to do

what i want to do or am doing and my wishlists?

  1. Pass my 2nd level internal cert (it is boring...i know)
  2. Sit for CCNA test(doing online revision now).For sumbody that doesnt in Networking field, this cert is one professional certs for ppl like us.
  3. Having new stylish shoe....alredi vying on primavera n some other branded shoes. Also in wishlist too is to haf stretchable pants,shirts for office attire,necktie (maybe seed or padini). It's sale season, till drop,ahaks.
  4. Still in business analysis on my debutant product for my own IT company.
  5. Prosper in everything that i shall do n am summary all those things,malas nk tulis..ahakz

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