Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Am is back

Glad that i can back to blog once again,luckily with the technology of password recovery provided by email services itself, now i am able to type and share my thoughts again or whatever has happened around the globe specifically. that is what we call cyberspace which is the strong medium to show your feelings, mixful reactions.

Whatever it is,i am happy with my comeback after long time break from blogging due to my hectic schedule as Network Engineer in Satyam Malaysia. i am happy with my new experiences, environments mingling with top driven people not just from Malaysia but across the globe. I am happy for one reason as not many Malays are competent in IT world that basically dominated by Indian experts,westerners and i proved that i can sit and stand as tall as they are,although i am only 6,3' i think...haha.

Well,sit back for quite long time, i've decided to come out with new ideas for my blog which i've planned to broadcast my opinions about Malaysia (as such as politics and communities around us), my daily life as network engineer and simple man(yet perfectionist guy..shit,that is why gurls always run away from me...Do they?). Here i also will share all the issue i've encountered in my daily jobs which covers the easy steps from don't know peopple to intermediate people to handles IT peripherals. Perhaps, with this movement, i also can share my knowledge and expand it not just to others but also for me too!

Ok,got to go...nice being here back!

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