Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abolish PTPTN management fees!

Are we realising that PTPTN is the real Ah long in disguise who makes all fresh grads and anyone that just starts their career,pinching on their pockets just to make sure they pay to PTPTN every months meet? to me it has past 1 months (theStar dated 3 june 08, kindly check at the url given since our current Higher Education Minister said that he will announce the revision on management fees.

Where is your promise,YB? You are paid with rakyat money and please, not everyone is so lucky like Saiful(sodomy accuser and to all useless and talk cock only MP at parliament who just wasted rakyat money). I do also want you too to retract your words by saying the management fees is not burdening the students. Come on bro YB, from which university u graduated from? don't look on 3% thingy but count on how much 3% will cost students studying 3-4 years course around RM25k loan. then how much the management fees every months? how about the payment they make after deducting the management fees?

Seems our MPs need to go back to school then..and how fool to voters who voted them.Shame on you guys.

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