Thursday, July 24, 2008

Few Useful Tips for Wi-Fi users

How to improve Signal Strength & Range

Placing the wireless router where the signal can best reach your wireless devices like placing up high in central area of home.

Prevent Intruders from using your wi-fi network

Ever wonder why your bandwidth from initially you set up your wi-fi network suddenly drop after few months? the answer is simple,someone is using your network off course without your knowledge and illegitimately.How to prevent this happens unless you do not mind they are using your network that you pay monthly,and you are not groaning when there is drop of bandwidth?

  1. Change the default wi-fi router password. usually the router will comes with its default IP address. For example, prolink wi-fi router will comes as and what can you do, open your internet browser such as Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefoz or whatsoever browser you prefer with and type the address in address bar. Bear in mind, if nothing is appearing, just make sure disable any proxy you have in Internet options. When you see the configuration page of your router, that is means you are at the router. Good job, so now what you do,go and look for password link and change it. Make sure you remember the password and have combinations of characters,numbers and symbols. I remind, please remember it but have to worry when you forgot your own password. Just poke onto one tiny hole for few seconds (this action means you will reboot your router and hence your configuration you done inside) , and wholla it is just like raw and fresh router (i meant without any configuration). in this case, you and one only can modify the configuration in the router you have bought.
  2. Change the default SSID and do apply the encryption. Nowadays there are many encryption methods such as WEP(wired equivalency privacy),WPA(wi-fi protected access and etc to name a few. This you may also done at the router configuration page.So, why you need to apply the encryption method? Simple, it is the network authentication method that will keep bay of any intruders from using your network. Still not understand? like logging into your PC, it requires your username and password it applies the same to enter into your network. The only difference is, it will only prompt the password you set whenever you want to access your wi-fi network and so do for any of your network poachers. Isn't it great? Well, talk about the encryption, it is based on the model of router itself coz off course if you bought 2 years ago router you may only equipped with WEP and not with WPA. Between those two, choose WPA coz it offers more strength in encryption but if your router has WPA2(as its names, it offers more depth than then WPA version and surely offers more harder security on your network). no need to worry if your router does not have WPA , just update the firmware. If the vendor(or manufacturer we call it) does not support for firmware upgrade( as usually consumer device router, they do not offer firmware upgrade) then at first place ask the seller what type of authentication of that wi-fi router offers before you buying it.
  3. Turn off the SSID broadcast, but in my opinion this one could only bring hassle to you unless you saved the SSID in your network configuration in your network device.
Now,you can sleep soundly as no one can ever to enter your wi-fi network that you pay monthly (which usually you think twice before paying to your service provider) except your wife (if only she knows the SSID password if she is not the hackers...hahah).

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