Thursday, July 17, 2008

Man United, no one man team

Cristiano Ronaldo,23 the saga transfer to Real Madrid really makes all red devils fans and to his gaffer,Sir Alex Ferguson especially irritated. To be honest seeing Ronaldo off from Theatre of Dreams would make all Man Utd fans hurt ache as Ronaldo himself is the legendary in making. we,Man Utd adore him since his opening match against Bolton with he ragged Bolton defence and helped Man Utd won by 4-0. That was 6 years ago and now he is better eventhough he has stage fright and not enjoying big matches as he did for an important matches.

Fergie still not have guts to comment openly, but the braveness of Ronaldo when he agreed Blatter statements shown how much he does not respect to his boss who has bring him on what he has became today. We all wonder why Ronaldo acts openly and bravely agreed with Blatter comments on Man Utd treat him as modern slaves. What makes he feels that he deserves to say yes? He is being paid as the highest amongst them and playing for the best team in Europe(no doubt after lifted Champions League Cup last season) if not in the world.

Fergie will have to let best player goes off from the team to prevent any upsets in Man Utd's dressing room. It is the best thing as in my point of views so far which Fergie can just concerns on how to retain the double trouphy(English Premier League and European Champions Cup trophies) rather than this endless transfer issue.

Many fans strongly believe as same does in Fergies head too that they can win in any cups they are in eventhough without Ronaldo,like last time they did without Nistelrooy,Beckham and not to mention Man Utd icons Cantona when he banned for months. i still remember many fans and plaudits say that it will be downward era without them but how many times has proven Man Utd denies that by winning the trophy. To Ronaldo, all the best in your career but we would like to remind you, Man Utd is no one man team!

Hola Espana and bye to Devils

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