Friday, July 18, 2008

World oil price now $130 !

The oil price has came down again and became the lowest within 10 days after the first cut down $6.44(RM20.80) from $147 (RM474.81) per barrel. The cut encouraged by US sentiments which investors anxiety on weaker demands due to recession that is affecting the country. The price also came down along with US claim that they have reserves oil more than they anticipated.

To me, i am fascinate with the news and i hope BN Govt read the papers eventhough i have hard feeling that they would not bother at all with the news. If no time to read it, they still have PDA to browse news online(you cannot give excuse saying no time though..haha). It quite funny when i see on TV telecast the debate last few days between PKR de-facto and Information Minister, Ahmad Shabeery Cheek was cheekily teased by Anwar regarding his statement Govt cannot continue on giving more subsidy anymore due to Malaysia will be net importer by 2015 (7 years more). Anwar answered it calmly,"My friend,who says the amount has deflation on our oil reserved by 2015? Try to read PETRONAS report, as stated in the next 10 years if there is no new oil been found, it until the end. This is means the capacity is not deflated. This is problem if you did not read completely",he uttered in teased along with crowds laugh.

End of the road, i wonder why people has this kind of credibility can be one of our ministers. He does not have an ability to answer
properly and always divert the questions. Now i will wait for his resignation as promised due to failure in convincing and instil the Govt's policy on oil subsidy and where does the money been spent but i doubt he will do it.

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