Saturday, August 02, 2008

Alvin and the chipmunk

From left, the lovely Theodore, Alvin and Simon

I fall in love with live animation Alvin and the chipmunks that i just recently watch. i grown with Alvin's cartoon and always in despair if i could not manage to watch it when i was kid. that when i was a kid. again, i fall in love with them when they are being take out to as a movie. i would say that 3d animation and combining with real live is a good move as i wonder at first, will they changed physical appearance of Alvin, Simon and Theodore and when i was watching it, i will say that i give my two thumbs up to the movie. when i was kid, i really love with Alvin, the leader yet mischievous and now seems i felt touched with lovely Theodore, the youngest amongst them. i felt like i am being a kid again during watching it, maybe because the their lovely characters.

I suggest to movie-goers, snatch the movie as one of your DVD collection or maybe if you like, i think it can be good for family time together during Christmas or can just be a gift for your children or any kids. to me, though i am Muslim and not celebrating the eve but i understand the spirit on it. Family is always one to our heart and it cannot be replaceable regardless of any situation.

Talk of the movie, in instance, it tells the story of 3 speaking chipmunks,the mischievous Alvin, the brain age Simon and lovely and pampered Theodore lives together with unsuccessful song-writer Dave which they works together as Dave finds out their ability in singing after he chased them out after sneaked into his house.These guys treat Dave as father and family cause as nature chipmunks are left by their folks after 3-4 weeks because he is the one who gives shelter, foods, cloth (their only cloth,dude...) and someone who can we sleep next to him when he had a nightmare according to Theodore's. it is pretty fun to see those chipmunks singing harmoniously and watching the lovely Theodore, interestingly been given voice by Jesse McCartney (the teenage singer,if you guys had no idea who he is). here below, are some from lovely pictures take from Alvin and the chipmunks movie. To any of you that still not watching it, no worry coz u wont find it as wastage or your time or money either.

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