Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fuel Reduction for 15 cents

The prices of diesel and petrol have been reduced by between eight and 22 sen a litre from today, 10 days earlier than what expected. The prices of RON97 petrol now costs RM2.55 a litre, a drop of 15 sen from RM2.70 a litre while the price of RON92 went down by 22 sen to RM2.40 a litre. While for the diesel, now costs less than RM2.50.

Does it looks like by-election goodies for Malaysian and to attract back our heart after the recent elections and whatever false promises has been made? To me yes it is. Maybe it is more on to counter the agenda by PKR de-facto,Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) to reduce the fuel price when he successfully take over the BN helm. However, it still less from what DSAI promised which is to reduce to RM2.00 compared to what Govt offers for new fuel prices .

Just for recap, the global oil price when we had the last oil hikes was around USD122 per barrel and Govt had to increase it 41% highest hikes ever in our fuel prices history which it was RM2.70 per litre (mentioned here for RON97 considering this is the most type Malaysian use for their cars).

Now, fuel price globally has slumped and settle at USD114.59 per barrel. Before the current slides down, the fuel prices were at USD122 and started to skyrocketed to USD147-USD 152. Then, Malaysia Govt has came out to taken back a litle of "subsidy" from deserved Malaysian to pay RM2.70 per litres. It comes to relieve for fuel price globally when eventually it has settled at USD114.59 and Malaysian is relishing 15 cents less now. we have to remind ourselves,our fuel price before the recent hikes was RM1.92 per litres. Are we deserved for at least RM2.00 per litre? Yes, we are considering that the recent fuel prices globally before the recent hikes of 78cents was USD122 and we paid RM1.92 per litres. Yet, we only being given 15cents less to make it to RM2.55 per litres eventhough the global prices has settled to USD114.59.

Are we grumbling and demanding too much? DPM Najib can say he can pull out the rebates as people keep complaing too little reduction on the new fuel prices. Your point taken carefully but is it the mechanism your Government has implemented is truly being given to deserved people? imagine of one rich family alone and they have 4 cars of 2.0 liters. how much many they have taken back just for rebates?RM625 x 4 = 2500 comparing of one family who has only one bike. it means this family can only get back RM150. Does it fair when we take one point of our first enemy now called INFLATION, DPM Najib? Does it really fair for this needy people and to most commoners who are badly affected?

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