Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good idea to capture Nurin's killer

I was reading one article from most viewed section on TheStar online and quite amazed on idea brought by this guy. He is suggesting to police or any responsible side to catch this inhumane serial rapist by taken up the time when the guy made a phone call.

Did police thought and done this? I had no idea though but if it is not, better for police to beef up the catchment.

Why enforcing more personnel up t0 6000 policemen just for permatang pauh bi-election? don't they have another priorities to look for like solving crime issues?

yes, the bi-election is the cruel,nasty and all bad things ever happened in our elections but the number of policemen guarding there, is the one i would like to question.

How about the Sharlinie issue? Seems like day by day, we are forgetting what has happened to these poor childs and so do for the police. Do they realize their image getting worst day by day just because these big unresolved issue?

well, i bring this article on my blog, enjoy the read.

Taken from TheStar online on Wednesday August 27,2008

Can we trace calls made by Nurin’s killer?

I AM writing this regarding the murder of Nurin Jazimin.

When viewing the CCTV footage of the suspect, I noticed that he was using his mobile phone during the first minute of the video.

Is it possible that the date and time of the video could be used to track the suspect’s hand-phone number by checking the log files of all mobile telco substations serving that area?

If a record of all mobile phone connections done in that area at that particular time can be obtained, then I believe it is possible to trace the suspect’s number and also all records of phone calls made by the suspect.

This may help the police in opening up leads and shed some light to this unsolved case.

Petaling Jaya.

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