Saturday, August 02, 2008

I am on the

My journey back to my hometown Kluang today was very stressful though i was exhilarated madly as this was the 1st trip since the recent fuel hikes (heard bout our govt mulled on bring down the price compared to our neighbor,Singapore who have already enjoy their lower rates on fuel..will our Govt dares to say that they are net importer,so nothing related to us as we are net exporter...dont really know what i am trying to say really...especially at this time of hours). that was not the topic that i want to bring up,dudes. Now i am on the, not misled, i am not Mr Peter Parker nor Ms Jane,dude...i do mean that i am online at my home, as one thousands who thronged to our broadband monopolyser,TMnet...haha,sarcasticly.

I was shocked as when i opened my house door and i saw something like router (precisely wireless router) LEDs blinking with yellow colours. the truth is,i was not bother all my stuffs and durians i brought back from my to be fiancee home but more on to find out what the heck of the LEDs that is at our family pc compartment. My youngest sisters just looked at me and knowing that my eyeballs are all to the LEDs, she says, that is router that you are looking at. I am speechless, looking back at her, what suppose that means the damn router is doing in our house if we do not have internet connectivity? that time, i was not wait for her words coz i do know that my trip to my home started superbly and now i am sitting on my couch with my fingers typing crossingly on my sister's laptop.

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