Sunday, August 17, 2008

If i would be...Chapter 1

If i would be FAM President, what i'd like to do?

Day by day, our football nation rank sinks to lower part even lower from our rivalries like Singapore and Indonesian. We are even lower than Maldives, who we always invite for friendly and India who do not have leagues at all. Hong Kong too, which we beaten them many times and crop their players from industrial sector as they do not have their own league yet have higher ranking than us. In contradict, we have run our league since semi-pro had been introduced and with so on called "MALAYSIA SUPER LEAGUE" that every year has changes on its formats, we are still nowhere. Are we going to see our nation sprung again even bottom than Timor Leste (Timor Leste ranks 2nd lowest in FIFA standings) ?

FAM must learn from past and mistakes, yet they realized it. The ignorance of majority and experts says, make it hard for our football to be revamped. We are going no where if FAM does not know what is their focus and did not do much to improvise our ranks.

Halt the senior team and give chance to youth in national team, as what they produced during Merdeka Tournament (they became champion), InterContinental Tournament (beat Iraq 1-o , drew with Ireland and lost to Nigeria 1-2) and recently lost in dignity to Chelsea. They more disciplined, and gives solid performance with only their mindset have to be changed. FAM should held motivation session as regard low-mentality expecially can be seen when against top teams, as they give to much respect and not eager to show their skills from whatever they have trained. They should have eagerness to beat oppositions especially against top teams while not throw away to much confidence against lower one.

The same time, nurture and concentrate too the squad from different ages like under 12, under 14, under 18, as they need exposure to gain experience. we should have an organized tournament involving these kids like what other country have. Take similar example from American Football tournament, they held it from district, then state and goes to national level before these players then be trained in academy. We have same system but due to lack of scouting make and seriousness of managing it, we have wasted talented players and choosing the right players before taking them in academy. Scouts must always come and see they play and due to resource limitation, separate the tournament based on region. Divide the country with northern, east and west, southern region where all schools compete each other in region before eventually the champions and runner-up of each region then meet again in national levels. We have good sytem running just a bit modification since we need scouts to attend every matches to see talented players.

It is a good intervention from Education Ministry who organized the current football league under 14 years old called Education Minister Football League. However, the league still not covering to all schools and parts in our country, to unearth the talents that we have. If they only pick certain schools to represent the each states, how about the talents at other schools? i also wonder whether the national coach for this group age and scouts are also watch these young players play. These young players after this tournament ends must continue to be groomed and play at another level, or perhaps more proper training and dietary. The continuity of grooming the talents and process of unearth the new talents is a must from FAM plus involvement of corporate sectors or Education Minister to provide the right platfrom for this kids. If there was no continuityof mentioned, it is meaningless to run the league.

Management of FAM should also organize more A type friendlies, that have higher ranks than us. Not to look to high, just look 50 countries higher than us (currently we are 162th in the world) and arrange friendlies with the team that we know at par with them. Many nations like Hong Kong, Tajkistan, Lesotho, Mauritania, Krygyzstan, Eritrea to name a few in my opionion are the teams that we can beat. It is not optimistic says, as it was based on our last performance against them, we have beaten Hong Kong and Lesotho last time not too long ago, which i believe our team has also improved in recent years.

To improve our player skills also essential and coming along with having the quality league. it was long time ago,i did not watch our own football league. I still remember when i was kid,i was supporting Johor who were that time have their legends like Abbas Saad, Alistair Edwards, Ervin Boban, Nasir Yusof and Khalid Shahdan to name a few steer their way for Johor to win a double winning. that time too, i remember vividly, Karel Stromsik of Selangor, Nizam Adha Yusof, Radhi Md Din and Lim Teong Kim of Kedah, Dollah Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Mubin Mokhtar and Khairul Azman of Pahang colored the league. What happens to our league now? only filled up with embarrassment by vacant stadium every time they play and low-quality of level they play are so pathetic.

First and all, the way of the training being conducted needs to be revamped. It is wasting of taxpayers money if FAM just send official to learn from other top academy like Ajax,Chelsea and Man United but does not want to apply it when they came back from each visits. to have a good player, these skills need to be trained, like crossing, receiving crossing, header, set-piece, do attacking and defending, and etc have to concentrate with. The players need to have separate trainings based on their positions along with general training for all. FAM too have to look for their motivational and dietary, as to have good play, our national player must have good health and strong mind too.

Last but not least, if we have some of good players, ask them it is better for them to try out at other countries. If they have guts to try, why not send and fund them for trial at the clubs like 2nd division of English League or Germany's lower division rather than sending players who have no heart and then coming back here just because of reason crave for mummy's cook?

I wonder where i can bring our national football levels if all these can be done, noted this is not a day efforts, still confident i can bring a higher level compared to current we are having.

Who is am_7riel? He has passion in football, spends free time by playing futsal and Football Manager game. He had represented his school football team during his young ages and played as an attacking midfielder though he can be defensive midfielder too.

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where were we when other nations had their friendlies last nite?shame on our officials,very ineffective getting friendly with other country