Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kedah made unique Treble

Kedah became the first football club in Malaysia if not in the world though i think they are as winning treble for 2nd times in a row after beating Selangor 3-2 in Malaysia Cup last night.

they deserved this treble as they shown the consistency and hunger to achieve the success since the start of season. Will they win astonishingly like these 2 last seasons when the next season will coming over without foreign players? Starts next season MSL format does not allow any foreign player in every club anymore to give more chances for youth and our player to play in every match,in a sense more exposure can enhance the skill.

Do i agree with the reason? well,i might say MSL is not EPL whereby it has affected much on England team, by reason just look at these 2 teams, Arsenal and Chelsea who hardly has England nationalities in player. Whilst for MSL, we are lacking of determination, hunger and scared to show on against big players due to the negligence of training methods and lack of motivational session. last but not least, there is nothing to gain if we cannot learn from our imports and showing the points to them when you cannot even have a chance to play in the team? Our player suppose learn the best from them and not moaning when didnt given the chance as was being player, you know that only the best will have in best eleven every matches.

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Deen said...

kedah menang,syabas syabas...this winning is incomparable!