Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Riel Malaysia Budget 2009 wishlists

Malaysia budget is coming to town on this 29th August if not mistaken and as very concerned citizens i have been thinking my own wish lists from Mr Santa of Malaysia (referrring to our Government). Surely i am not the only who have my own wish lists for the budget 2009.

  1. I would love to see Malaysia Govt introduced the same like Singapore where all citizens been given incentives of living regardless of working in private or with government. why i compare to Singapore as we are yet be compared with them? i think we deserved to be at par with them since we too (i meant Malaysia Government) likes to compare any issues including FUEL PRICES with them. So why not? i would like to hear what reason then Malaysia high authority will say.
  2. Income tax-relief for person who has annual income not more than 30k-35k considering the inflation rising unexpectedly so does the price of goods too.
  3. More focused on transportation but i do not want to see another more allocation as i heard our Government saved a lot from two recent hikes every months.
  4. Free education for all. yes i meant free, really free. Not like what Education Minister says free but still we heard parents complaining they have to pay quite hefty amounts and confusion what does it means by the words free. Lets implement in secondary school first, just take one school who has 1000 students and school fees we take RM100 per students. It means Rm100 000 for one school. How many schools we have in Malaysia? just assume we have 100 000 schools (even though this is i think more than we have) how much do we need to spend for all secondary schools? RM100 000 x 100 000 schools = RM10 000 000 000 or RM10b. Are we capable to give an allocation of this amount? Yes, we are if our Govt scrap unnecessary spending like NCER, IDR, ECER project and more transparency for our government spending. FYI, the IDR project (or WILAYAH ISKANDAR some people call) alone have incurred more than 10b alone, precisely Government allocated RM12b and due to rising costs this amount could be more. Do i against NCER,IDR and ECER?
I do but why can we need more than one corridor if we did not raise our nation level competencies? Do we have real expertise to develop these corridors? I doubt so, as we are giving more opportunities to foreigners and how much our money been taken out back to their own countries? It is like time when our money being traded and robbed by George Soros, do not you feel so?

You may take free time too for your budget 2009 wishlists at TheStar online at

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DMoaner said...

it is good point for living allowance across private sector and free education. you have strong points indeed in supporting your ideas. malaysia needs more people like you

AL said...

Good point you have there.

Would like to feature your post in our website and link our readers to your blog.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

The hardest hit in the current economic crisis are those with a fixed or 'static' income such as the pensioners and students (on scholarships/loans).While those who are still serving have benefited from the generous salary revisions and opportunities for promotion, inflation, especially from the recent hikes in fuel price, is pushing the pensioners further down the poverty pit, more so for those with children who do not qualify for any of the government assistances(eg. PTPTN). Suggestions for the new Budget: (1) across the board revision in pension payment;(2) hardship allowances for pensioners with non-working dependents; and (3)cash payments to students in IPTA/IPTS not receiving goverment assistance(require proof of registration by educational institution/college).

Am_7riel said...

points taken anonymous,everyone is feeling the pinch especially commoners like us. Even to commoners like me to mention, that still serving and considered generous pay for few backs then if not because of the inflation. i think the better option for this,free education for all who wants to enter varsity or secondary schools to ease people burden. then we can call the budget that is being announce as People Budgets or whatsoever budget they call with.
yes to your points though, as we have so many ideas and shud be taken by the so called responsible govt...

Am_7riel said...

thanks all for your time and anonymous in spending ur time viewing my blog..thanks again