Friday, August 15, 2008

My riel thoughts: Invention

I am not sure whether this idea which might people says this is crazy, is viable or not. if i had the brain maniac and expertise to build the thing i ever think now, surely thousands will thank me. Or perhaps my parent will be the happiest person on earth as i give benefits to humankind. Unsure too whether the thing i wanna say later, has been created or maybe has been thought by other people.

If i could invent and try to apply it from my brain, i would like to use HYDROGEN as main source other than fuel for our vehicles. it is more interesting as HYDROGEN is substance of water, which can easily obtain as easy as you can collect from your tab. The only thing need to create, one device that can break the bond of H2O and make it as a gas. isnt it nice if the device which i would say, perhaps everyone would afford to buy it (hopefully) and no one will affected anymore of any hikes of fuel price?

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