Sunday, August 17, 2008

My riel thoughts: Malaysia Natural Resources, who benefited it? Rakyat? Chapter 1

Malaysia blessed with rich natural resources like petroleum, timbers, water, paddy field to name a few and not to forget of their uniqueness blend of races. All these resources, are ours as default, yet we did not get any benefits of it.

Petroleum, the most expensive energy sources nowadays . Logically, with expensive things that we have and always have demand from other country to buy it, we shall be rich, but i never seen or realize that we are the rich country.Our currency still lower than other country who produced oil in a sense of petroleum i am discussing.

Top people in our government say, we cannot compare with them as they produced more than us. But hey, we have the best grade of oil compared to them due to lower content of sulphur, and so do we make money from the oil trade.

Put aside of "subsidy" definitions, as i did not really understand of context of "subsidy" words govt are using. To me, when we can sell ours and buy from other countries oil for domestic use, as i know from respected resource, we get two barrels of outside oil in return for our high-grade oil. That means we can sell 1 barrel again and another i barrel for domestic usage. if last-time high record price,is USD152 per barrel, can you tell me how much money we get by selling back 1 barrel that we received? That is amount for 1 barrel and not thousands of barrel we received in return of trading our high-grade oil.

If this is true, where does the money goes to?
And if it is true of "subsidy" term they keep saying, from twice fuel subsidy cut govt made and billions money they saved, why cannot we seen any improvement of transportation that they lauded last time for cutting the fuel subsidy cause? or maybe little favour to needy?

Next Chapter, the author will focus on other resources like timbers, water, and rice supply. Do we "Rakyat" get benefits from it? or undeniably are in suffering period from lack of handling our resources by our govt? too, is it because their own-self centered in misuse the power we gave them to run our country and its resources is the answer for all?

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