Friday, August 29, 2008

My riel thoughts: Malaysia Natural Resources, who gets its benefits? Rakyat? Chapter 2

Most Malaysians now are badly affected by fuel hikes (though it has been reduced by 15 cents) and rising prices of commodities like rice, chickens meat etc and sure too for rising inflation that there was no sign at all to slides.

Just days after 78cents hikes of fuel, as being expected Malaysian electricity provider known as Tenaga Nasional says they cannot let the electricity tariff remains the same likewise they will getting loss in revenue in spite they recorded revenues for years since (you may check Tenaga annual report either quarterly or yearly that they actually brought back millions of revenues by the last hikes of tariff. The reason is simple, the main source in generating electricity comes from substances of petroleum (had no idea on this really). So, if these two are actually correlate when the price up, how about now? Do they bother to reduce the electricty tariff?

One more thing that really makes me think, lead by my highly curiosity was we have so many dams, not to forget the upcoming dam at Bakun in Sarawak whereby we build these dams to my knowledge to produce elctricity which i think it is less dependent or non-dependent at all to the substance of petroleum like i mentioned in earlier paragraph, yet why still we have to pay quite high amount of electricity bills if according to our ministers, they built it for our own good, and sufficient to generate more than enough electricity to all of us with an affordable costs?

I maybe wrong here, but please somebody tell me if you think the same way like me....if yes it is true, why building multi-millions of dams if we could not get the benefits of it?

Dont you agree?

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