Sunday, August 03, 2008

Today ends with top notch

As i have planned several weeks ago for today's activities, i would say i am happy with what i had done. i managed to get done such went to Batu Pahat for looking up something that is essential for my happiest days of my life soon.Here too i fulfilled the craveness of durians,mangosteens and duku courtesy of my girlfriend's folks. they are so generous and provide me with bags of these delicious fruits. there are no such words how lucky i am, and how enjoy live in serene village and has lush surroundings. No hassle, no traffic jam,no rush like time is slow passing by. Wish i had my camera with me so that i can brought up here how beautiful and peaceful living in village.... Even i say so, i will only come back to where i was maybe in the next 10 years, but until now i'd like to taste the chaoticness of living in mother cities. No matter what, for today i will say i closed it with high notch and can just simply rest my head on fluffy pillow.

P/s: reminiscing the scene whereby Theodore asked Dave to sleep next to him
Theodore : Dave, r u awake?
Dave : yes,i am now.Y?
Theodore : I had a nightmare. Can i sleep next to u? I promise that u wont feel like i am sleeping next to you.
Dave : Ok, you have to sleep the other side of bed.
Theodore agreed and occupied littlely of other side of bed.
Dave continue sleep. Once Dave closed his eye,Theodore jumped and lied on Dave's shoulder.
Dave : (Shock) and says"that is not other side of bed" but still letting the cuddly Theodore sleeps on his shoulder.

Initially was on Dave's shoulder,became on Dave's face.Theodore is so loveable

Nite guys eventhough it is 3.30 in morning now.

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Butterflyn said...

aww.. theodore's so cute~~ mellow~~ hee...