Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Am_7riel in Win2k3 assessment...

Everything seems not getting in place when i want to sit for win2k3 assessment this morning.

Came into office, got one bashing mail from top management that the real issue she does not know my email...

Phew,why this joker always wanna mess my life? Argh, do not want to bother my minds thinking about her problem.And i also had few words fight with my fiancee, coz ignoring me these few days. Thank god it settles now.

Then, being given id to logging into assessment systems, i managed to get in into 1 sets of question but did not see any questions appearing.1 set for Active Directory and another one for Windows Exchange (sorry guys, if you not understand about this....if you are not from IT line). So,i received two ids for 2 separate tests. You know, these id only valids for 48 hours after it has been created so, i have to rush sits for this exam as i received the id since yesterday.

I quickly call my manager about this and he sent me another id for me to sit for the test. Ok,i hope now the issue wont be there anymore. Hm...i was wrong, i still could not see any questions....How am i gonna sit for the exam....?

My minds think fast the solution to just use any desktops here that my colleagues have used for sitting the same test, surely my issue will solve. However, my hope is just hope, like bubbles bursting in the am i going to tell my manager about this? Just tell him, still could not managed to see the questions?What is the reason? Had no idea though, as i have removed the pop-up blocker and use the newest version of Java runtime environment. Hmm...then what has went wrong?

Ok,just send mail to my manager, with big hopes that he can understand the real issue, coz he is my manager you know. Surely he understands what has happened in backline of IT infrastructure here....i hope.

But u know, i am not the type of just waiting for other resolvement, so i try to logging into this assessment page again at my desktops. Waiting...waiting patiently, assuming something will appear compared to the previous attempts.

Finally, after all hard work in just for logging in, successfully done...Fuh, all my attention distracted and all things i have prepared few months back seems faded away from me....Ya rite,am...just your excuse, immediately because the issue not seeing the questions popping in you web page, you are using this. Good one....Hahah. But it is, this kind of strugglement, my focus is losing away and all questions i read, with the answers, are just the same...then how to choose the right answers?Ahahah....what else, tembak jerla am....tembak,the marks also tembak...either shooting up or down(means fail....)

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