Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another wasted Datukships awarships


I was laying on the floor whilst watching last night Buletin Utama, though i am not frequent followers of the Govt Mass Media which always overturn the news they aired. But, Friday night always the dull one, as people normally will stay at home before the following weekend outings.

I was surprised when the TV3 news reader saying Shah Rukh Khan to be conferred DSMM (whatever...i dunno what is it really..haha) which carries the titles Datuk as one of many people in conjunction of Malacca YDP birthday.

I am figuring out what is the DSMM,checking it online in line with creating this post, i get to know now that DSMM is Darjah Seri Mulia Melaka. whoever is conferred with this award, we have to call them Datuk. I condemn this move, as for one only reason, what makes him so deserved to be conferred the award? Does he contributes to our people, helping our people? or does he ever contributed special things to Malaysia or Malacca specially till people around the world realized who we are?

The awardships should be something special ,something that has stringent qualities in selecting only deserved people will received it, as i know it is really hard for any Malaysians to be given the same in their country unlike here, where we easily gives our Datukships or whatever we have to them, because we still have many Malaysians who deserved and qualified for their astounding achievement, to make this awardships be precious again, and special.

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