Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Biotech,where are we heading to?

Tun Dr Mahathir led the way of our own Cybercity which is now has lost its charm, the icon is just icon and none of improvement taken like before whereby the committee (chaired by our last PM,Tun Mahathir himself along with Microsoft founder,Bill Gates and other prominent figures in IT world) will sit together frequently to ensure Cyberjaya is in the right track.

How much taxpayers money have been dumped but with no proper continuity plan, Cyberjaya is glooming, struggling to attract investors in setting up their offices here. Cyberjaya is not more than White Elephant project as one of many of "abandoned" and "wastage" projects in Malaysia.

Cyberjaya is only at its prime for the first 10 years, started back with MMU (Multimedia University) plus with one or two blocks of offices eg HSBC call centre office. Today, where do we stands? Cyberjaya should be expanded more than we are having in terms space, office utilizations (should have good ratios from the first year startup till presently), and most important things how many IT companies have we produced so far that have good brands? The answer is in my thoughts, i know none.

Notwithstanding, Govt under Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had initiated another focus of area, Biotechnology that is still going nowhere since the first day it was announced? What happens? Do Govt only good at lauding any ideas while hardly to get the goals (hopefully they have goals, if not this is another taxpayers wastage and misused money)? Are we going to fall into the same hole again?

South Korea and Singapore to name a few countries that known for their efforts in biotechnology are spurring and benefits from ideas they launched few years back. They done greatly in this new area, they pumped hefty money and get another hefty money to diversified their country income while Malaysia still nowhere of their level,we did pumped our money, but where is the returns? Do we get the capital that we have invested if it wasnt profit that we get?

Why is this happens? Again, we need to think back what is the cause of our failure, as after years Malaysia jumped into Biotech, none of improvement i heard of its achievement nor hearing it. To me, lets redo the works, sit with expertise in biotech and marketing people, get back our Biotech expertise people across continents to work in Malaysia ) while focus to only one sub area in biotech field likewise Singapore and Korean done (Singapore are focusing more to stem technology, as far i remember from my readings) and the continuity of efforts to achieve our target. From there then we can build our strength by strength.

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