Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Difficult to undo the damages YB Pak Lah!

Hikes for 78 cents,Reduce only 25 cents?

The inflation has gone up to about 8% caused by the last oil hikes and brought up excessive households price nationwide despite the twice reducement total of 25 cents for Ron92. Our trade minister, Ahmad Shahrir has urged the traders to reduce household price to an appropriate level interim of oil price cut.

But what can we do when the last 78 cents or in percentage 41% hikes has already affected our economy nationwide? That is difficult task to undo the damage you guys done,Ministers. You would first think about this outcome when you initially thought to increase the oil price at one shot that way.

10 cents for hari raya as said by our new finance minister,Dato Seri Najib is more to taken back people heart for recent up-side down politics.

In fact, i still remember when the last hikes, our "witty" Pak Lah said the 41% hikes is needed and it was followed with formula as below:

Oil Price Globally for 1 Barrel = USD 92.70 (RM 319.82)
1 Barrel has 159 litre
Ringgit value to Dolar = RM 3.45
Price for 1 litre > RM 319.82 / 159 litre = RM 2.01

Government subsidy as mentioned frequently = RM 0.30
Deserved Price > RM 2.01 - RM 0.30 = RM 1.71 (this is what we shall pay)
Current Price = RM 2.45 (this is what we are paying, so who giving the subsidy by the way?)

Our Subsidy to Govt?
RM2.45-Rm.171= RM0.74?

I would like to ask now, what will our Ministers will say especially Pak Lah for reason not to deploy the same formula now for our oil price we shall get?

Does the 10cents is the deserved ang pow for rakyat in spite we should getting more?

*Current oil price/barrel globally now in consistent range USD95-100.

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