Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Electricity to Fuel to Housholds Price

Price is sliding,but still old price

The price of oil is sliding to now USD80 per barrel(price for 2 days back) due to slower market and cautious trade are the answer why the price went down so drastically. Govt have given hints that they might reduce the price if its remain low but what i regret is the inefficiency from Govt to act for the good sake of our people. When the price went up to highest level in history, i still remember vividly,all were suffering due to did not expect that Govt would raised the fuel price earlier than they planned. People all bashed the Govt for immediate hikes as the 78cents is too high to be done in one night. what can we do? we were helpless and have to accept as we are not politician who have the power.

Now, the price sprung to the lowest, to one year low, but fast actions still out of favor to us who waited keenly for the another fuel adjustment. I am expecting at this price globally, we shall get around 20 t0 30cents lower from what we are paying now. This also being predicted by analysts that 25cents is fair enough according to fuel price worldwide nowadays.

It means if this being justify like what i expected here, the price for ron97 which now RM2.45 could be reduced to RM2.20 though i really like the idea to be lower than RM1.92 (the price we paid before the 41% hikes, the highest ever fuel hikes happened in history). It may in between of possible and impossible to impose lower than RM1.92 as our ringgit is weak compared to US Dollar (todays rate 1USD=RM3.45xx) but if we implement according to formula in article i posted last time, the price is possible to be disperse to all Malaysian.

I also call upon Govt and TNB to revised the tariff in interim of global fuel price as it is unfair to us for paying the tariff they increased during the last hikes. When you can make the price up in immediate effect,why cant you guys do same when the price is going down now? Isnt it our plight is more necessary than you and your chronies?

How about the price of households? Does it mean now traders can relief and just waiting for the windfall profits as they are having from last price they have increased, while when fuel price went up they moaned blatantly like hell and impatiently want to bring the price up as transportation costs wasn't bearable anymore? What happens to our Trade Minister? Can you please take your precious time to look into this matters?

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