Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Extra careful to all

Little reminder from me...

This morning i went to post office at Cyberjaya Terminal for sending two items via poslaju and credit some money to my fiancee ASB. Done with these matters, i went back to where i park my car and i saw this one guy, not very far from me, looking at me while started walk towards to the same direction to my car.

I suspiciously feel about him not because his messy looks and way he dressed up,not his looks make me suspicious....(phleaaaseee...) but the way he walks to car looks like he is not walking towards his car because if you have car, and are going to your car,surely in your hands you are holding your key or maybe you put hand into your pocket searching for car key...But he does not doing such things like i wrote as above, he is only holding a plastic drink.

So, i quickly walk into my car, ignite my alarm and rushing into it, and locked up my car. Phew....as i thought he does trailing on me. though i am guy and he is kinda smaller size on me, but size does not matter for criminal, who knows he might hide any weapon like army knife with him? He knocked my car window and trying to open the door, see how much important to lock your car first upon you getting in your car,he failed to open it.

I do not know what race he is actually is, but he looks like middle east guy and wearing worn-out shirts and long pants. He asked to open the door, which of course i insist not to open. so i just say to him, just speak, i can hear from inside regardless he understand what i was saying....

He speaks but from many of words came out from his mouth which hardly to understand due to of his accent, i only catch word sounded like Tumpang and Jusco....Oh, maybe he wants to take a lift, i thought that time. I say to him, No...no,i have to rush back to office...so i cannot send you there....tak boleh tak boleh, saya nak pegi office bilingually hoping he will understand. Suddenly , he is going to my front car and walks to my next door car, trying hard to open the door. I just look at him coz i did not say Yes to him...Did i?

"I have to go", i pondered...i reallyhave to get rid of this guy before he is doing some ridiculous thing like smashing my car window then better i leave i guess. Quickly, I ignite my car engine and with strong hand signal, the "X" cross..."No,No", use bus....coz u know there are many buses and taxis that he can take at terminal here, and wonder too why they choose me instead so many people thronged there. Regardless he is really needing help or not, the truth is there are so many people out there have been victim like this own way, asking for a lift but after that they will kick you out and take the car too with them.....

So, please be careful....just be selfish, as in this age, you can never trust to anyone especially when you just know that fella or talk. never ever trust them, no matter how much sympathy face they show, coz your safety is even worth more. This message shud apply to all, as it raceless, colorless and genderless...No matter who you are, be aware, and do not fall into their tricks....whether it is tricks or it isnt.

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