Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Football:Merdeka Tournament preview on Malaysia Team

Best yet to come....

Malaysia in semis, maybe this news can make normal guy lifting up his eyebrows but to avid football follower like me, this is only beginning of tests that they have to pass through. Being put in the same group with lower ranks, very much lower like Nepal (175 ranking), Afghanistan who have not played football competitively as they still struck with war (182) and only Sierra Leone (133) who is higher ranks than us who are at 160 FIFA rankings, there is none wishes except going to semis and win this tournament can makes all criticisms off.

With favour to Malaysia team from muddy pitch and knows well of the pitch here, lot of people saying Malaysia are showing skill to lowly ranks countries like Nepal and Afghanistan, bashing them 4-0 and 6-0 respectively and young side of Sierra Leone with the same score, 4-0 to Malaysia....

That is what we call luck, sometimes, weather can also give factor and advantage to home side...

after all, to Sierra Leone, please admit we are stronger than your young squad, by the way who asks you to field 2 or 3 guys of 16 years old?

and when you lose to lower ranks like Malaysian, you didnt admit that you lost to superior side...and blaming the pitch conditions and young squad you have, as many reasons you have in your mind.

maybe he does not know that we have defeated Lesotho in last tournament semi finals.

Now, Malaysia will face Myanmar again, which they met and beat 3-1 in last tournament final.

This is the test will provide sterner test our team..hopefully they not relapse with easy wins against unmatch side.

To Malaysian out there, i do hope that all that can come to support Malaysia team, to come all together seeing their match will be held at Bukit Jalil. Lets throng and fill up the stadium, if you have time to come ad support them.

While for Malaysia team, show your Malaysia Boleh spirits as though not many still supporting you, at least you have me praying for you success. Malaysia Boleh!

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