Monday, October 13, 2008

Greatest Recession is coming over to us

When and How bad it will hit us?

Starts last week,major if not all stocks exchange around the world has slumped to the lowest level ever,yes including our stocks market KLSE, eventhough they projected it was 3.9% slides, it still worrying to all concern people like me,as normal business KLSE can gain more than 1500 index points,compared to few days back,only 900 something index points. Japan, UK and nations that been hit first,US have done bailed out and put in quite hefty sum of their money to save their bank institutions.

Heightened the level of worryness, G7 comprises of developed nations altogether sit for more than 3 hours to discuss how to fight the recent credit crunch that storms in every part of the world.

While for our country that is still in political hurricane even it has passed months after 8th General Election, our DPM and ancestry for Prime Minister,Dato Seri Najib said that our economy is robust and diversified, so the recession hardly to affect us. in what sense he saying so?

First and biggest point if not points,though our exports not so dependant to US, we have to realized if Middle East and Europe market are affected by this great recession, they will cut cust in their spending. When they are cutting their cost, it means several nations that they are dealing with, will also cut cost in their trading, in buying mode. If external trading is not healthy, then does our economy internally is robust enough and can projected income to our nation when the recession is coming to us?

Ok,let say i believe DPM Najib is true, that is we are strong enough to go through this upcoming waves, then what it is all about when our stocks is downward to 900 index points now? Does it reflects our economy is now affecting us? Do we have mitigation plan to alleviate the impact when we are hit by the recession?

I really wish for our politician can cooperate and share their thoughts to guide a good path for our economy growth and could sustain despite the slow showing economy around the world. it would be nice for our plight rather than slander,accusing each political party and put Malaysia back in right track. When we unite, nothing can harm us!

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