Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy eid-fitr!

Ramadan closed the curtain fastly,unnoticingly

Today is eventually the winning day for muslim after battling out throughout Ramadan month.
Allahuakbar,Allahuakbar,Allahuakbar (Allah The Mighty,Allah The Mighty,Allah The Mighty) resound at every corner of world started yesterday maghrib (dusk) till this eid-fitr prayer.

I feel grieve and sad a bit when doing recitement to Allah for his greatness and kindness cause giving me chance to fulfil another Ramadhan. I really hope i still can relish the next ramadan and fill it with holistic deeds which muslims urged and must done.Amin!

To all no matter what races or religion you are,this is a great time to enhanced our bonded relationship and getting to know, by visiting each others. This is the day where we forgive and be forgiven for any wrongdoings deliberately or inadvertantly done. So when you are on the road, please think about your loved one, and be courteous to other road users.

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