Friday, October 24, 2008

The official sites for Malaysia Football Supporters

If you have watched the Merdeka Tournament highlights from ESPN sportscentre Malaysia surely you will realized a large banner with black and yellow color background with tiger head symbol, as proof of our existence continuous supports who really want to boost up our player morale support.

I understand some mixful reactions, Malaysia playing like schoolboys and other hurtful comments makes all of us do not want to give the supports but with their strong display since Merdeka Tournament last year,they really not deserve it anymore in my riel thoughts.

As Malaysians, we need to support them in any situation, while they are winning or losing. that is what we call die-hard fans. if we can we do same for EPL clubs, why cant we give the same commitments to our own National team? This is just the same like stepping on our flag or burning it into dust, do we want this? No,dont we?

Give them chance as this is new generation of Malaysia Football team, who really want to don our national jersey. Only with our supports they can bring their best against any opponents.Let us be their 12th players on the pitch virtually.

Those who are interested can be members of Malaysia Football Supporters officially here.

We really need your support. See you at Bukit Jalil Stadium saturday night, tomorrow.

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