Friday, October 24, 2008

Merdeka tournament: Malaysia cruise to Final

Thrashed Myanmar by strong margins, 4-0.Kudos to Sathia's squad

"Tigers" is roaring soundly this time with strong showed up from Harimau Malaya supporters (official fan club for Malaysia team). Malaysia had bashing time with Myanmar in their hands last night, when they overcome Myanmar by big deficits, 4-0 to Malaysia. The wins has accumulated in Malaysia camp with solid record they are bringing with no goal were against them and having goal spree for 18 goals at the moment ( 4 goals vs Nepal, 4 goals vs Sierra Leone, 6 goals vs Afganistan and now with Myanmar,also bagged 4 goals) before finishing the curtains against another co-favourite in the tournament,Vietnam.

The goal spree started with Indra Putra free kicks, appx 25-30 yards from Myanmar goal-mouth on 20-25mins. Then Myanmar forced Malaysia at bay until 62nd minutes, when Safee Sali from Myanmar half, beat one player and another one with his stepover skills before shoot the ball past Myanmar goalie in the though he was at tight angle.

In these matches, myanmar stikers had put in bay by our solid defenders,Zamani Misbah and the twins hearttrob, Aidil Zafuan. The Malaysia goallie Helmi Elliza is just having a quiet match but nothing can take for granted in final against Vietnam. the situation might be changed.

What i regret most, the twins, zaquan who plays as striker, was fielded as midfielder last night to ease him roam around the half line, another reason to supply good passes to our lone striker Safee Sali. zaquan had been targeted by several players, by keep fouling on him. Few times the match stopped due to the harmful play against this young boy.

The third goal came through penalty which Indra bagged 2nd goal in the match for his own record. He coolly put the ball through Myanmar's goalmouth again. Then just 10 mins to go appx, Amirul Hadi finally able to convert sleek pass from Indra Putra for 4th goal after twice attempts earlier was missed.

Now, Sathia's squad should focus on the final rather than look on previos matches. Vietnam is dangerous opponents and able to beat us,just like Myanmar. They more aggressive and like to play fast. After all, kudos to you guys....i wish to see the same results against Vietnam this Saturday.

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