Thursday, October 30, 2008

Merdeka Tournament:Malaysia lost to Vietnam

Still have my praised

Malaysia bowed dowen after strong show in the group stages and semis to Vietnam after full time and by just only lost in penalty kick. Malaysia lost by 5-6 and have to given up the championships tag to Vietnam.

It was Vietnam who finally won this match though Malaysia dominated for whole game that night. Malaysia favor the help from more than 10 000 supporters still could not get through Vietnam defence line as they were playing total defensive where all the outfield players were in the penalty box concisely. Though finally Malaysia got the goal they wanted, but it was disallow as clearly it was offside.

For Sathia(coach) and squad, please do not give up, as this is lesson to be learnt when your opponents play defensively. Maybe you need to study the match between Portugal and Greece where finally Greece won it by 1-0 through set piece though the whole time it was Portugal who dominates the game.

One thing for sure, there are few players that not deserved to be in the national squad due to not having international standards and the needs of fast flowwith dynamic attacking football. Dynamic in a sense of when we play 2 flanker and crosses were all easily break off, then change to another type of strategy, use player that has pace and able to dribble to penetrate the opponent's defence line. Perhaps we really need player like Dato Soh Chin Aun, was general on the pitch who will guides the team when their strategy is not work and knows what to do next to win the match.

The squad deservedly got the praised but not too much, despite against lower team or whatever people says it, as i have never seen national team in the recent time played with dozens of goal and conceded none.

Keep up the good work and all the best for the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup (known as Tiger Cup). Malaysia drawn with Thailand,Vietnam and another team in qualification such as Brunei, Phillippines,Cambodia and Timor Leste.

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