Friday, October 17, 2008

My riel wish now

While i am watching CCNA video on my desktops, suddenly my mind blowing away thinking of my deadly blog unnoticingly from anyone.

Sometimes i felt envy to my friends blog out there that can attract many to read everything they post on their blogs. They tell any stories and walla, many will come to view their blog and give comments.

That is out of my control, though i was hoping that all my thoughts been posted here will be caught somebody's eyes (hopefully prominent /politician...hahah,i maybe daydream now ) on what anchovies people like me think about anything that happens around me....based on my readings, my thoughts, or anything that happens in my communities, regardless it has things to do with me or not.


A.D. a.k.a. AREBONG said...

you've attract me....hehehehe.....

Am_7riel said...

attract u in a sense of reading my blog or to myself?hahah