Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review the contracts of Eurocopter

Do not just say be prudent to rakyat,but fails to show an exemplary

I really do not understand why government needs to spend for RM2.317 Bil in interim of global recession we are having now. i do not understand why it is too much not because of the reason behind it, as i do know that Nuri is aging and could do harm to army personnel who using it.

There is a debate and comparisons to Brazil who also purchased 50 Eurocopters plus with knowledge transfers and aiding to assembly of helicopter components such as engines and electrical systems to Helibras, Eurocopter subsidiary in Brazil which will cost the revamped Brazil defense of USD1.2 Bil. (source from The Economic Times at

When i read this article, it was shocking news in the midst of people urged to spend their money wisely by government yet none we could see the action from them.

If we compare to Brazil who bought 50 of the same model costs them RM4.14 Bil compared to 12 heli that we plan to buy with costs RM2.317, it does show how unclever the deal has been done.

Now, lets go to more interesting part. Lets count in one unit price. Brazil have bought one unit of heli of Rm82.8 mil per units compared to Malaysia by RM193.08 mil per units. How much is the difference ? my gosh, it is RM110.28 mil just for one units comparison! Malaysia prime minister,Dato Seri Abdullah denies the allegations by saying our requirement is much more higher, so that is why they cost more.

Dear sir, we really understand the specifications itself will differ for each country but perhaps you can explain publicly aboout the comparisons per unit itself is 233% . What does it means?

Furthermore, why is the procedure of buying this Eurocopter has been done in ackward process whereby the process of Letter of Intent (LOI) did not go through the normal procedure and the purchase did not having any test drive or seeing all who send the tender? It is just like buying car from letters by possible sellers and without test driving. Hmmm?? Does it make sense? Seems ridiculous,isnt it?

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