Thursday, October 16, 2008

Traffic Woes at LDP Puchong area towards KL

When can Puchong folks can see the light at the end of tunnel?

I can understand how furious and sympathy to all who commutes daily from Puchong using LDP(Damansara-Puchong Highway) to offices and forth, experiencing the same routine of stuck in bad traffic jam for hours long.

Puchongites have to deal it as public transportation is limited to offer to them,especially when the bus transportation is not efficient enough in keeping their time promptly. How long can they resist from the issue they have long to be solved?

The extraordinary traffic jam strethed from Puchong Perdana,and sometimes from Puchong Prima stretched till Bandar Utama needs kindly attention from the authority to be fixed immediately. I glad that with help from major newspaper like TheStar highlighted this issue and has taken an attention to our Public Works Minister, Dato Ir Mohd Zin last night on TV3 news saying that traffic woes can be solved by constructing LRT(Light Rail Transit) in parallel with LDP. Though i will say it is kinda late execution to fix this issue off.

Puchong does not need another talk or just like ideas, as i remember this issue has been dragged since the introduction of LRT system integration years back.

Nothing has been done since the ideas extending the LRT from Kelana Jaya and Star from Bukit Jalil. We are talking about last time idea forwarded by Sammy Vellu when he held your position, not just recent proposal in integrating LRT where you are holding this Public Works portfolio.

Hence, we need fast action from you Dato, as Puchongites struggle much on their time commute from home to office and forth.

We are expecting LRT to be built in our area and please,please ensure the station will be placed appropriately whereby we access it easily including the place to park our car adequately provided.

Learn from the past mistake where some LRT stations have been placed inappropriately by doing research before building this LRT stations.

Your teams have to spend one week at least off to the field and observe where most people commute and where potential stations suitable to be built with no hassle for Puchong folks to reach there.

Another area you should to take into counts is to revamp the bus transportation in means to link people from scattered area to use LRT. The bus have to support the LRT line and should arrive at same time when LRT coaches arrive at its stations. I propose one station at IOI, Puchong Puteri, Puchong Perdana and Puchong Prima top solve this traffic woes or maybe we need around 5 to 7 stations alone in Puchong area. Not to forget to mention is the area at Kinrara Puchong. This is my only opinion but you Dato who needs to decide all these before materialise it.

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