Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to Egypt

It is not me who is going to Egypt, but started few weeks back it was my sister went to Cairo,Egypt for pursuing her studies in, one of my family member will become MD, carrying on my passion long time ago. i do not feel sad bout this, this means about my last time passion but feel proud as she is now doing something that i cannot do in the past. ok la tuh,right?

Yesterday afternoon, my parent text me, we have safely arrived at Cairo, approximately 10 hours journey from KLIA on saturday night...the flight departed at 11.45pm,yepp 11.45pm and we all were there since 8pm not including journey from afiq's house for my parent, afiq and ya in one car from Batu Tiga while me and fiancee from Desa Pandan using another car.

All my family members who are residing here, Afiq,ya and me accompanied with my fiancee send my parent to KLIA till the last moments they gone from our sights except Afiq.He went back earlier to catch up with something so it was only me, Ya and my fiancee who accompanying my parent before they leave us.

We had our hugs and kisses moment before they left, My father while embracing me says to me, "Dont forget to do your prayers" simple but full of message as he will always do whenever we will be apart from each other.

While for my mum, she reminds me to take care of all my siblings while they were not feels like now i am truly Along not Ah long ok..hehe, taking all the responsibility as deputy leader in family for one week till they come back here safely.

Then i whisper to her, take care...of my CAMERA,mum...i put all my hearts into this thing,hahah....then she laugh. i had to lend my camera as backup for their viewcam if it is running out battery, coz my mum forgot to put the battery she has charged it into the viewcam bag...

Seeing them leaving from one checking post to one post, i started feel one weird feelings...I wasnt crying that time,ok...

Then i realized....oh,maybe this is the feelings when everyone us become apart from parent and vice versa especially when family members seeing their parents until the last moment before they gone into plane when doing Hajj.

I hope they will come back safely this 25th Oct along with my camera...haha. Wonder what they are doing now at sister said to me now it is winter there...Egypt?winter?another hmmm for me...maybe cold or freeze like Genting i gez...though i can wear short sleeve at Genting.

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Anonymous said...

egypt memg de winter la..skrg br stat winter da 17celcius..senior2 kta t smpi negatif tau suhu die..bkn cm genting..xcaye dtg la cni..hohohoh..