Monday, November 10, 2008

3rd meetings of Harimau Malaya at Amjal at Pantai Valley

Harimau Malaya( malaya tigers) or official fans of Malaysia football team had gathered their 3rd meetings that focused on the trips to Bangkok to support Malaysia while playing in AFF Suzuki Cup(previously known as Tiger Cup) and some other important matters we had discussed held at Amjal restaurant, opposite UM Sports complex to be specific.

The meeting was held on last two weeks, but only now i manage to upload those pictures taken by my cybershot and share my stories here. Lame excuse, bz plus the bandwidth constraints really almost makes me stop from uploading it. there it goes, all the pictures on the day.

Whilst everyone was listening, this guy Labu for chance gave the best pose amongst others. Smileeee.....

assam_pudding were flanked with Matt and Gozal concentrating much with frowning face of what being said by assam_pudding. Capiten(opposite assam_pudding) must be giving a scary face i think that is why assam does not want to have eye contact.

Does not really know what makes Skyjuice(left in green shirt) smiling widely. Shut it off bro, or flies might be go in into your mouth. The others seen here is Qimi(most right), Anip (with Shakespeare hat) one of our shirts designer and this guy,Labu(if not mistaken) who seems also having his own discussion here with shin_asuka(hidden here) and sapixx....the one sits next to sky,i again apologize, no offence as i cud not remember your name here.

Members of Harimau Malaya were either talking each other or listening to topics we were discussing. Seen here on the most left is Skyjuice. the most notable one, my fiancee car was also in the picture.hahah...

Capiten's back(orange shirt) is seen here, with Fiquetional, Apiq or precinter ulters and 2 other members i could not remember, sorry dude, hard to remember name in a short meet. the one who wears cap is jepon and last but not least brother Gozal which only half headed seen here. Me? was sitting between capiten and fiquetional, but off course i wasnt there as i was the one took the shots.

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