Thursday, November 27, 2008


Bangkok in political chaos

AFF Suzuki Cup that will be held just few days to go seems uncertainty to be held in Bangkok due to rampant protesters run on her streets and have took over Suvarnabumi, main airport in Bangkok to topple the government.

With just few days to go,Malaysia has offered to be the replacement venue of Bangkok. If this is going to happen, Malaysia will get a big boost by their own local supporters, especially hardcore fans from Harimau Malaya can just support them at their own local venue, instead fork out hefty money for 8 days(maximum days 0f AFF till the final) just to support the national team in Bangkok.

But to be exact, there is a big chance to Malaysia as even two our airlines, AirAsia and Mas Airlines have cancelled their flights to Bangkok.It does tell everything how much chaos the Bangkok is in now.

Venue still at Thai, but location has changed to Phuket

Thai FA insist AFF venue for Group B, comprises of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos will still be held at Thailand despite chaos in their country.

Bangkok is obviously in turmoil and there is no guarantee that the chaos cannot turn over to other cities as well, as i am fear the safety of players playing at Thailand.

One thing i pondered why AFF still tolerate with Thai FA for let them held the games on turmoil land? Do not they think the safety at 1st place of all players from countries involve?

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