Friday, November 14, 2008

Football Freestyle

It is Football Freestyle, Gentlemen!

I am rated myself as avid football lover, am not just love to watch football matches but also love in playing football and futsal.

My love to football started since my tender age when at the age of 7, i have followed on Manchester United (that time the rivalries between Notthingham Forest, Liverpool, Leeds, Blackburn and Everton as i remembered was so intensed) and loved to play football during recess and PJ session when i was in primary school.

But my father forbid me from playing it and represent my school, instead he asked me to join him every evening playing badminton.

So every day, i had to hold empty bottle like how you holding gun (just for example) and twist clockwise or counterclockwise 30mins before playing badminton. The training was for your wrist, to train it become strong and able to take or hit the shuttlecock promptly.

Here, i do not want to tell trainings on any sports deeply, i just want to share the passion can be build, it can be explored if you give chance for it to go into your heart, like how i did with my cross interest between my passion(in football) and my father's passion(in badminton). I can play badminton, but not so good as how i play football, though i have been exposed to badminton too from my tender age.

My point here, every sports if you want to excel, it must starts with basic. Badminton, you have trained your stamina, wrist, hands and foot while for football as just the same like badminton except hands not so important aspects considered. If you want to become footballer,lets start with basic one, juggling the ball, one way to learn how to control ball effectively. From there, you can delve the juggling skills into more complex skills like how every freestyler in football did.

So, cut the crap, lets go straight to the FREESTYLE WORLD! Few weeks back i found one talented freestyler that has featured in many programs like Nokia Football Crazy, ManU TV and he is even the current World Record Holder for the highest number around the world (ATW) trick and World Freestyle Champion.

According to him on his website at, freestyle has many benefits. It is fun whether you want to be a good freestyler or footballer. Freestyle will always help football aiding a good touch and control of the ball. Below are just a few of the benefits freestyle can have:

  • Coordination of the feet
  • Control from all parts of the body
  • Timing
  • Reactions and quickness
  • Balance
  • Creativity

Interesting isnt it? if you are and would like to become one of them or perhaps want to learn the skills to become silky players that has good ball control like reknowned footballers, don't forget there are no limits in Freestyle and anything is possible with practice!

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