Friday, November 21, 2008

The latest series of ships hijacked

Where are you Mr.Policeman, America?

What happens to you America who claimed you are seriously concern about terrorist and would not hesitate to take actions including illegitimately intrude other countries air zone by sending unmanned bomber?

We saw that happened in Iraq, we saw that in Afghanistan but why there is no action or maybe would not have any action from you to execute punishment to Somali ship hijacker?

Is it because there is no profits to you compared to bomb Iran just like how you and co. did against Iraq and still want to pressuring them by claiming they are building the nuclear bomb?

Series of hijacking ships by Somalis pirates have made all shipping company scared of using the route anymore as there is no firm security action by countries along the shores unlike at Malacca Straits whereby Malaysia and Indonesia doing patrol sea to protect all ships using the route. The latest hijacked saw Somali ask more than 10 million USD for oil ship tankers, as part to fund their activity for reformist at Somalia.

Any action from you,America?

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