Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malaysia Unveils their New Kit

New Kit is on the block, will it be New Spirits to Malaysia?

Malaysia has unveiled their new jersey that first will be worn officially during AFF Suzuki Cup in Bangkok few days back with an upgrade with their jersey number on the stripes which gives the number visible compared to old one.

The color for home and away still remain the same but one thing that i have observed, Malaysia flag on the left chest is replaced by FAM logo while the "keris" is not visibly seen unlike the old one you will see clearly "yellow keris on the black stripes" at the bottom left, but i heard that if you bought from nike store look at the bottom left then you will see "keris" is in black colour on the black stripes.

Now, with new shirt is on the block, plus with extension of sponsorhips from NIKE for 4 years(with an option to extend another 1 year), can our national team show their new spirits on the turf?

I do hope they can turn it with stylish performance in any match especially the upcoming tournament, AFF Suzuki Cup that will be an assessment to the team to revert their status as the sleeping giant of Southeast Asia not long time a go to become a goliath in Southeast-Asia as the stepping stone to be one of in Asia, in years of our legends like Mokhtar Dahari(super mokh), Dato' Soh Chin Aun and Dato' Ghani Minhat had been there and done that to all nowadays giant like South Korea, Japan and Middle Eastern countries.

Because SHAME IS HARDER TO REMOVE THAN SWEAT, hmm...i getting like this tag by NIKE.

----------------------Home jersey----------------------

----------------------Away jersey----------------------

Yeah, just do it Tigers, do not afraid to no one, like the real tigers in forest!

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