Monday, November 10, 2008

Moments b4 fly to Egypt

One of my family members i've called Adik, nonetheless she is not the youngest but since i've used to called it, so that is why it being sticked with the name flown to Egypt to pursue her ambition to become the 1st MD (Medical Doctor) in our big family.

I felt proud of her, really proud as do with my all family members coz it was my dream since my childhood which i have tried my level best to fulfil it, so i gez the passion is passed down to my Adik to seize the chance to become MD.

She never been far away at home, specifically always pampered by my parents to be truth...(sorila adik,you also know this is true though you keep denying it) and told me that she keen to studying at somewhere away than our home, away than our state or perhaps can study at around Klang Valley.

So i said to her, do not daydream coz u wont and cannot hold the pressure being alone as you never being far away since childhood unlike your brothers and sister. She recently the most further than home was at Matric tangkak, and while waiting for her 1st semester results, she got an offered to study in Cairo,Egypt. Even whilst studying there, my parents had to go up to Muar frequently just to buy all stuffs she wants...adik,oh...adik...hahah

So again,to challenge her,i said i'll bet you that you wont be stay there longer,not because you will fail from your studies but because you cant hold the feelings of loneliness and missing home so much....The rest was history, she is up for the challenge and now persistently continue chasing her dreams.

2nd from left, is my Adik, look at her face, pretend smiling but in heart i believed she is crying, a bit hard to leave home.

A first ticket to your glory,doesnt it Adik? But why your eyes, got eye ring? could not sleep a whole day on a day before thinking of leaving home,wasnt it?haha

Few moment together while waiting for the flight arrival. Surely my sister at this time was having fast heart-beat relishing last moments of togetherness with her family members.

I was in the middle flanked with all roses, from front left is Adik, My Mom and most right is Ya.

This is the moment i have awaited and bet that Adik will cry before going into plane. Adik embraced by my father and inundated with his full affection towards his daughter that will first time far away than him.

See, you were holding your cries, that was why you close your eyes, didn' t you?

Whatever it is,my sis...Wish you all the best and fulfil your childhood dreams ok? we all here always pray for your safety and success to come after!

p/s: My mum had to buy streamyx line and sitting in front desktops after working hours to check on her...ahahaha,like i dont know this...Secrects reveal, i've won the bet!

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