Monday, November 10, 2008

My riel Makan-Makan :Kimchi ,Teriyaki Beef and laksa


One of Korean's cuisines that have taken my heart to try it, and not bad, coz it taste like our own asam pedas (that is my opinion though, sorry if you guys have tried it and seems not agreed with it,anyway this is my riel opinion, and my riel post from my riel experience, does not it?).

Midvalley apart of its shopping attractions to shoppers not just around Klang Valley also to me offers great place to indulge your dining experience. From affordable to high class food place, from Thai to our own local cuisines, this place offers one stop centre for food lovers like me, especially. Not to mention, you can see many type of Malaysians' antics while you gratify your dine that sometimes would make you laugh but most of the times would makes your irritated.

With at most RM12 you can get Kimchi(in black bowl), a bowl of rice(yes it is not enough,if you were same types like me who ate more than that..hehe), veggie pickles, anchovies with some chillies and a cup of tea. I would say great for your value, but the tea, i remind you earlier, if you are expecting a cup of tea like you enjoyed at mamak stall, please be ready with some sachets of sugar!

Teriyaki Beef

While for Japanese cuisine lovers, i would love to recommend you (,not sushi or teppanyaki) to try for Teriyaki Beef. The price for one set including with some veggies like coleslaw, soup (maybe bento soup...maybe), the beef itself and a bowl of rice is around RM12, and trust me you would not grumbling at price anymore, coz the taste is so worth with the money you have paid for it.

The beef is tender (hopefully the quality will be like that for all time, pray for it) and it was cooked with some ketchup, vinegar and sesame as its toppings. results? you would not regret to try it and maybe you will crave it for some more.

Both, Kimchi and Teriyaki can be get at the same roof at Midvalley's food court at its top floor. So try it if you are the Koreans and Japanese food getters and lovers!

Teriyaki beef..oh,not to forgot, one piece of tissue when you paid for this dish. Just being sarcastic!

Indulged my dining experience with my beloved fiancee. Priceless moments that to you would not be able to take back the time! Love ya!

Laksa Penang

For laksa lovers, you should try the laksa at inside Jusco Midvalley. I was not sure which floor it is, but if you ever come to Jusco Midvalley it is at the same floor and besides of Video and CDs shop and Jusco Service Centres.

When you just want to steps into this floor, i will bet you will sniff the smell of laksa penang and feel like you want to taste it. It is good place for dining experience especially its surroundings with small green trees been planted in pot that serves as two things, for their landscapes and also for up to sale.

The laksa penang i have tasted it. Not bad, from 5 i gave 5 stars, one of the best laksa in town.

apart from Laksa, you could try for their Nasi Lemak with Rendang. tasty! it comes with a set, RM7 with a drink for both dishes, either you want Laksa or Nasi Lemak.

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