Monday, November 10, 2008

Sony Cybershot C902

My fiancee takes a shot using her redlicious C902

C902 Sony Ericcson was kick-off few days back in conjugation of new Bond series in cinema, Quantum of Solace makes my fiancee smiling widely when she uses her hand phone or takes a phone call as she has used the hand phone even before it was launched. Well, i guess she will still in happy mode till all banners of Bond with her Sony hp advertisement being retracted off. haha....

My comment about this c902? Well, i guess for sometimes this hp will showing "Inactive Sim" and i have asked the seller why it is happens? He said it must be on software the hp is currently has, so it needs software upgrade. Perhaps, it was because it is the 1st bacth of handphone. Perhaps...

Other than that, 5MP is awesome, you can expect to take great pictures using this hp as it is cybershot camera because it's name too is cybershot, the technology derived from cybershot camera. it has face detection, stabiliser and all thing you would find on your cybershot camera.

The camera is hidden in slide-case, so you dont to worry on scrathing the lens inadvertently coz it wont happens when you put in your pouch. In any case you want to use your camera mode, just pull the slide and the camera will on right-away after that.

The hp comes with 2 colors, red and black, if not mistaken....overall i'd say it is ok, but for me, i really love smartphone like iphone. any additional info you seek for c902? Just browse sony website...daaa

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