Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stay still with decision banning import in Malaysian League

Many Pros than Cons

Malaysian League comprises of their main league,Malaysia Super League (MSL) and Premier League will kicked off without foreigners in next year but FAM are in hot soup by several states coaches and media representatives to re-look the proposal of the banning during a convention between FAM, states coaches and media representatives as part of brainstorming on how to improvise standards of Malaysia football.

To me, honestly say, at this position of economy woes, it is better for all teams participated in the league bow to this order.

I have wondered all big teams that looking to hire foreigners capable to to do it as i doubt them much. Even their local players pay and EPF(retirement fund) they could not pay in time and worst case, delayed for few months time.

Perak FA, Perlis FA are the two teams to name a few have been hit by owing to EPF for quite big sum of money. MPPJ (before being namesd MBPJ) and MK Selangor for example are the case of financial woes in their management that made them discontinue their appearance in Malaysia Leagues.

Are these all FAs expecting states government or FAM itself to bail out them if they got financial crisis? It is crazy idea when considering you had spending lavishly and then turn your back to the Govern body asking for help, to settle your debts? is real crazy.

Is it reasonable for these all teams to look for foreigners when they are in financial crisis and did not look at our own local talents? Perak FA for example have not paid 3 months at least the salary of their players which is why all their main players went for another team.

My advice is simple, Better measure our own body first before doing something as it is not bad at all if they start looking into exposing youth players into their team, if not in the 1st eleven.

Instead by giving scrap and lame excuse the states could not compete with highest level at Asia level in AFC CUP for example, is a kind of humiliatation to our own local players.

Yes it is true, our local players' level still nowhere but it does not mean we need to use shortcut here and there, the coaches themselves must use their heads to bring these raw talents into another level, and start focusing youth development.

Exception to Kedah, which we have seen abundant young players emerged through the ranks, but still not able to compete in AFC CUP still which saw their inexperienced side been whopped by Bahrain side in the recent Asian Level Tournament. But again, it is not an excuse as they the coaches need to think on how to raise the level of their players.

When the level is up to the international level as what the football fans expected, lets be realistic not to be same as EPL or other big leagues, but at least we are watching different games showed by national level and school or varsity level then they (FAM and FAs) will have not wait the supporters thronged back stadiums like old days.

I could not blame supporters as they are now clever and calculative for all costs to watch their favourite team but when thinking back all these factors, i could not see why they have to come other than depleted or nowhere levels by players who have trained hard daily.

Supporters here i defined is not hardcore one that will stick to the team by thick and thin situation but more to the ordinary supporters, on how to bring them back is just raise level of the game of our players that need kind of attention from all,FAM FAs and ministries supports.

For the start, it is a good dawn of Malaysian football and this policy should be remained long to give ample opportunities for local players shone the skills.

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