Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yoga Issue,Please Stop Commenting On it

Stop Commenting if you do not have deep knowledge of Islam

Anywhere i read on paper nowadays, i will see there are lot of comments either by letters, through articles or even sms over the issue that really hit our nationwide : The banning of Yoga practice for Muslims.

I have had no idea on why the Yoga is banned but i am hurtful when people has launched hit back to National Fatwa Council. National Fatwa Council comprises of ahlul(expert) in diversified knowledge in Islam, such as usuluddin, fiqh, etc to name a few, and it is not easy to be one of people to bring out the FATWA.

The be one of who can bring the new FATWA, they must know these all diversified ISLAM knowledge like i mentioned and expert on it. Hence, small fry like ustaz (teacher name in Arabic) nor to common people like us can say anything of FATWA or to bring out the new FATWA. That is what i have learnt from religious school that i went everyday in Johor, when the early half of day i will go to normal school and once the session ends, will have to go religious school as it is compulsary to all MUSLIMs pupils to attend it.

It does not means Compulsary means forced to attend it but it is just like now it is compulsary for every of us to go to school or goes for works. It is hard to find compulsary, doesnt it?

I urge to all people out there, stop commenting on this issue, like the council has nothing to do and like finding people's fault only though it was not that been seen.

This is very sensitive issue coz Islam prophets says once, once i died, follow my sahabat(bestfriends) coz whatever they done is also implies what i had done, and if they died, follow their bestfriends and if we all died, follow AL-Quran, Sunnah (Muhammads practises on Islam daily) and alim-ulamak (like mufti, and people who are in the Fatwa Council).

To those Muslim who take yoga as their practise, stop practising it no matter what reason it is, as we have our own way to stay healthy. The most basic thing you can do, is back to basis to :pray 5 times a day which has proven by all science experts that it can circulates all blood to level where the blood could not reach into some part of our body and many hidden benefits if applies it. Qiamulail(wake up in the midst of night to do sunat prayer) too can boost your health if you do it continuously has proven to cure many diseases like cancer, where the easiest can be done 2 rakaats of solat.

Praise to Allah for making many things hidden from our sight for people like us to find the truth and its goodness.

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