Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big task for Malaysia

Needed a big win against Thais

Malaysia can expect to pack their bag home from AFF Suzuki Cup this evening even before the Thai match, too be honest. The match against mighty Thailand on their own turf seems mountable since Malaysia needs to win this match with big scores.

Horrendous mistakes no thanks to national goalkeeper,Helmi Elliza lets Malaysia down to Vietnam with 75 yards teasing long through pass, bounced past him helplessly when the match just begun to ends, and Malaysian supporters still cheering an equaliser goal.

Prior to that goal, he lets 2 soft goals including 40 yards shot that allow Vietnam enjoy their victory and just have to beat Laos by 3 goals this evening.

To be the facts, Laos have not scored even single goal in this tournament so far, and have let 9 goals(3 and 6 from Malaysia and Thai respectively) past them so far.

Though i feel this is quite enormous task for Malaysia camp, i still want them to play with pride today and win this match and the rest just pray for the other match ended with a draw, though it seems optimistically sounded.

Malaysia have to play differently from their previous match against Vietnam and Laos, the attack must take all chances while anyone who will play in defence and keeper post especially today must makes no mistakes, coz any strange antics will cost us dearly. They cannot let their nerves getting them all but feel enjoy playing football and eager to win the match for Malaysia, lets the rest of result of the match decides it.


Mr Tenga's said...

Boleh menang ker.. arin nie kena lawan thailand tue..

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