Monday, December 22, 2008

Do not privatised IJN

Mistakes if Government privatised IJN

IJN is in Malay abbreviation or National Heart Institute has done their job as nation's one stop cardiac center to all government servants and as many Malaysians that could not afford to pay for same services offered at privates healthcare.

It would be disaster if the move will be materialised soon though the plan at first agreed by Government when Sime Darby proposed it but due to strong pressure from public has made the plan deferred and has been taken consideration deeply to Economic Plan Unit(EPU).

DPM Dato Seri Najib has granted the move will give benefits to public and to the IJN itself,but one thing i wonder what is the benefits to public then?

The IJN has been set up by Ministry of Finance(MOF) 16 years ago by using Malaysian taxpayers and since then no doubt has brought great services at affordable price to Malaysian that needs their services especially heart bypass operation that could not be done or maybe the facilities or experts are not available at general hospitals.

Its prime objective to train our doctors and equipped them the knowledge hence they can set up at the same when they are coming back to their respective hospitals. It will such a wastage to taxpayers money if all money been dumped will be just taken away by privatised it.

I doubt what is the benefits to Malaysians by this privatised move as we can see clearly privatised means by name sacrificing the rights for public by expensive healthcare and only riches one can taste it.

We have seen it as many example such as privatisation of electricity, highways like PLUS,LDP and etc that have burdened publics and acts like thieves in the daylight.

If the move soon materialised, i will say governement have failed to provide common services they had to do to their citizens.

Just let alone the healthcare from privatisation, we are sick of all dramas!

P/s: Will wait wait government say on this privatisation once the Kuala terengganu by-election ends...coz to me the deferment is just political plot to calm public


Anonymous said...

Nice effort, bro :)

Hang studi mana dulu?

Am_7riel said...

thx bro...aku studied kat UMP(univ Malaysia Pahang) last time known as KUKTEM.y?