Friday, December 12, 2008

Malaysia hopes to qualify to semi dashed away

Lost heavily to Thai

The defeat against Vietnam 2-3 prior to match of Thai, proved has played big part to prevent Malaysia from going through to semi final from Group B, comprises of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos.

Yes,i felt very sad when i saw first, then second and lastly the third goal past through our keeper Syed Adney on match against Thai 2 days ago, killed away all hopes to go through semifinal and win the AFF CUP for the first time. That time, i watched the match at Darussalam restaurant aka mamak restaurant at Precint 9 Putrajaya with Harimau Malaya mates like Apit(precinter ultres) and Jepon, walked away from the restaurant with despair and gloomy face when the match ends.

One thing i salute was the spirits of our players though when our hopes clearly fades away, they still show their perseverance performance against Thai. Perhaps, it wont be this AFF, and lets focus now on Asia Cup Qualifiers!

Asia Cup 2011 Qualifier

Group C

January 21, 2009 Malaysia v UAE
January 28, 2009 India v Malaysia
November 14, 2009 Uzbekistan v Malaysia
November 18, 2009 Malaysia v Uzbekistan
January 6, 2010 UAE v Malaysia
March 3, 2010 Malaysia v India

Correction: The group would not be consisted of India, hence there will be 3 teams competing each other.


adib. said...

alamak...nmpak mcam kalau "org tua" tak main...boleh kot nak menang...hhaha..
ko slalu ka lepak kat harimau malaya...

Am_7riel said...

hi adib..thx for stopping by...em,nmpak berat,tp x mustahil la...kan?slalu gak la lepak kat harimau malaya,tp bru jer join,after Pestabola lpas..nape?