Friday, December 19, 2008

My riel's Makan-Makan: Korean Delights

Seoul Bulgogi or Seoul Garden dining experience

if u ever think to try Korean cuisine, one of few places at Klang Valley, then u shud try at Seoul Bulgogi @ Seoul Garden at Plaza Pantai next to TM Rebung Tower.

Last week my fiance, i and her friends had dinner there which i could say it was a worth dinner i had and will come again next time as i really fond to Korean cuisine especially enjoying their Korean BBQ.

The price quite affordable RM40++ per person (ok,it might too expensive but since it is once in a while dinner, i could say it worthwile to try on) and you can just sits there, enjoy the hot bbq straight away from the stove in front of you, and you can eat as much as you can even until the shops closed its curtain.

The car park also not very hard to get and it is only rm3-4 per entry only. so you can just enjoy ur eating experience happily without have to think how much you will pay for the car park as the car park itself is in per entry and you have to pay first before coming in.

U have to taste it if u really crave for korean foods like Korean BBQ, worth for every cents you pay, that is my words!

Self-made ABC from can add any ingredients ranges from cincau, corns, red beans and many more. Do not forget to mix your ABC with syrups and air gula too.

you can just grill all raw foods like meat, lambs,fish, prawn either marinated or not and take it hot straight away from stove in front of u!

The stove that being provided on each table and the waiter will also pour the soup into the pot.

can you resist your tempation seing all these with foods served fresh from stove? Do you see the fume from the stove?

Ladies power, from clockwise, My fiancee, Asmah, Marziana and Farah. All seems happy and satsified with dinner that night i guess from the widely smile they showed!

Look here Asmah(purple shirt) and Marziana (green shirt)! why turn face to other place?

Marziana and Farah, congratz to you after being offered a place at government in auditing department.

These guys are so busy with grilling and barbequeing and not even realized their future in-laws coming from behind them! Ahaks...

I with my fiancee and Asmah. Behind us is where all the raw foods been arranged in one row. fiance eat veggies(kangkung) like ruminant living..hehe

Look at plate in front of my fiance, how much she takes the veggie,now do u believe my words?...and what are you looking at Farah? cannot wait for the soup or the bbq grilled yet?


Anonymous said...

kangkung tu belum masak, sbb tue nmpk byk... just ltk kt depan jer la, lum leh mkn lg...

Anonymous said...

amboi afham..syok nye makan..die yg makn paling bnyk pastu ckp kite nye mukelak yg the way..u wrongly spelled my is asma...good elaboration on the restaurant..keep it up..put more temptation on the picture..sure people will go..ahaks..

Am_7riel said...

mane ade aku makan paling byk...haha,same la asma ke asmah,asalkan xjauh myimpang...neway,sory 4 the misspelling

Anonymous said...

ermmm..may i add sumthin.

r u really sure all the fud there are halal to eat?

in my xperience,even a little,they will add some alcohol in preparing those korean things..even they said it is halal but,the real is no.

hope u will be more careful in choosing the food in kl area especially.most of them are not really halal.

semakin mahal fud tu,smkin mahal alcohol yg dgune kt dlm fud tu

Am_7riel said...

hi Mr.anonymous...thx for ur too very choosy in selecting foods,and so far i have never been to place that serves korean foods like hartamas and all that obviously not halal.

this place offers buffet style and like many other places such hotels, the prices is around the region.

if you doubt Mr Anonymous,then do not try it,simple. That is philosophy of Islam..even our KFC last time our own Ustaz Daud Che Ngah revealed the preparation of foods itself was syubhah,n i think it still carry on.