Friday, December 19, 2008

Pillows was set on fire

How does it happens?

Few days back,i think on tuesday while i was working suddenly my phone was ringing and it was my housemate,Adenan aka Atok called me. the first question was, have i had come back home which clearly that time i have yet come back home and still doing works at office.

Then he said, my pillows was set on fire and i replied back in shock,"bantal aku terbakar ke? Biar betol? how about my toto(small piece of bedsheet that usually being used for traveller and known for bachelor used too)?

He said pillows half was set on fire and he managed to take it out while just a bit part of toto is burnt. Then i ask him back, how that could happens since my room has 3 windows and only 2 have been let open but i did open it so wide,just enough to let air breeze through and come into my room.

One thing, there was no marks of burnt on the curtain as if it was cigar butt is the cause, surely it must go through the curtain and left marks there before it going down to my toto, and my toto will burn first. However nothing like i said, and the weird thing the pillows had been in folded toto, which left me and my housemates clueless what is the cause behind it.

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