Monday, December 01, 2008

Who says Malaysia cannot compete with Singapore?

Malaysia 2- 2 Singapore
Amirul Hadi 22' | Alexander Duric 10'
Hardi Jaafar 75' | Alexander Duric 44'

Venue: MBPJ Stadium,Petaling Jaya

Singapore Naturalised players outdone by Malaysia

Singapore held into draw by Malaysia even they fielded 6 "naturalised" players into their starting line-up and proven effective when they got early boost-up morale goal by Alexander Duric in early 10mins.

But it did not enough as Tigers spirits clawed back their leads by grounder shot by Malaysia winger, Amirul Hadi. Then, shaky defence by Norhafiz Zamani and left back Asraruddin Putra who throughout the game did not play as his usual work rate, frequently left ample of spaces and time to Duric roaming around the Malaysia half and release shots that contribute to his 2nd on dying minutes before half-time whistle blown.

During 2nd half, Malaysia many times tested Singapore keeper Lionel Lewis to make good saves, which saw 1 almost goal attempt was saved on the line though i think it had already in the goal and should be counted as i and Malaysia hardcore supporters(Harimau Malaya) were sitting in front of Singapore half side, precisely .

Again, one clear opportunity by Indra Putra with just Lionel Lewis he has to beat but hesitancy lets the Singapore defender chased and managed to block his shot. Though many chances come by to Malaysia but lacks of finishing within 20 yards in Singapore half made Sathia(Malaysia Coach) introduced Zaquan Adha to add more spices in attack that seems missing.

Eventually an equaliser came, from counter attack which saw Zaquan set up a nice ball to Hardy Jaafar and he grabs the chance by screamer that none keeper in the world can saved it. 2-2 until full time and Malaysia have good reason to cheer on for the last match before the real test begins.

To me, 2 players caught my sights by effective play for the whole 90mins, Shukor Adan who controls the midfield very well and our right wing back,Daudsu Jamaluddin who seem tireless and he always there to stop the attack and doing overlap to favour the attack to Malaysian attacking from right flank.

In Malaysia We trust! Change your attitude Malaysia fans

Malaysia fans might be the worst fans ever existed in football history as thousands or precisely 1000 fans could not cheer and support the national team like what 20 plus Singaporean hard-core fans did.

They had to travel miles away from their country or maybe they are working here, but what made me salute them is because their spirit, always cheering up their own team regardless what score and what abusive remarks we chanting to them throughout the games.

The number did not tell anything as i can only hear voices from our stands are cheering up for Malaysia players though they are trailing twice by Singapore.

Why must criticise and curse them when you suppose to give them morale boost when the time they need us? Cannot we take example from other countries, like Indonesia (we do not have to go far for an example) they are so supportive and will sing a song continuously so that players will rise again even they are falling down or trailing to their opponents.

We do not need fans who give bad remarks, or abusive word to our own players, especially when they are losing as for players, what they need is their fans behind them to lift up their morale. Can you imagine if you were in their shoes, and crowds scorn and cursing at you, can you play well with the kind of pressure from your own fans. Can you? That to me, we do not call fans but wild-grass.

Lets change our mind and attitude, please supports our own team through hard-time, and this is what we called fans! Cannot we spare our own voice to chants, and sing songs to support them?

I was expecting the rest of crowds will sing and chants alongside us, but sadly they chose to curse at our own players, left us alone to equal our voices against Singaporean fans which suppose if all crowds came to that match unite and supports our own team and not abusing them with unnecessary remarks, we can outdone them in term of supports!

Listen up to our chants specially dedicated this to Malaysia fans that behaved like wild-grass, that we also sang this song for our National Team.

Geylang si paku Geylang
Geylang si rama-rama
Tentang, Marilah tentang
marilah tentang, Bersama-sama

If we all show our solidarity supports to our National team, i believed even Brazil will scared to come at our own turf and none of the team in the world we could not beat! At least, we as the fans would not losing our face by only supports the team when they are winning, surely if other countries supporter look this happens they will just laugh at us by kind of nationalism that we bear in ourselves.

Media is not supportive enough!

Media involvement in spreading this friendly also was pathetic,one of reason not so many people comes and watches the Malaysia's match .

I could not see why they discriminate our local football news. Is it because our current Malaysia form is shameful for them to put on their newspapers? But if it is so, why if Malaysia lost in any matches they will criticise heavily like they are pros in football?

To reporters/journalist/football pundits, If you are so superb in giving remarks in your news , can you show me how you play football and kicking the ball once (just once, ohh please) like how you want them to play?

Or if you want, fix one friendly match with Harimau Malaya team and beat us soundly, then i will take accept your critics coz you have proved it on the turf. Dare to take the challenge? I only ask the reporter not the units comprises of your sports personnel, to justify fairness in the games.

If you cannot do that, My advice, be realistic, and be supportive to our own national team coz they need us regardless in any condition to play well. Yes, sometimes they play bad, but they are not Brazil, this is the 151th team in the world, and even Brazil played badly sometimes. Brazil deserved critics, coz they are world champions, Malaysia? We need constructive critics not abusive critics which can let our own players down!

To me, the team has potential to raise back the level like our golden days and hopefully if Sathia is not there anymore to change the team, the team would not reshuffled drastically we always did since we already have talented squads on our belt.


aFiQ said...

Chants geylang si paku geylang mmg cool habis~huhu..inspirasi dri lagu tentang-tentang dendangan Butterfingers..kte kna practice chants lg ni utk game2 akn dtg~

Am_7riel said...

btol fiq...kite kene prektis lagi lagu2 lain gak...mmg cool la kalo rmai ikut,sure emosi dlm stadium mcm kat luar negara...always chants,sing songs for their team.